Respironics Nuance Pro (November 2016)

Name of Mask
Made By
Respironics Nuance Pro
Nasal Pillow Mask
Philips Respironics


Product Features

*A gel frame for a non slip position throughout the night

*Gel pillows that are softer, provide a stronger seal and less irritation

*A simple design that is easy to use andĀ fit

*Lightweight and flexible tubing for a great night’s sleep in any position

Buyer Feedback

confirmation-1152155_640  The Good
What are the cons of this product?  The Bad
*The sleep quality that people experienced was very good*Quite a number of users felt that the gel pads (on the side straps) sat too high on their cheeks.
*People felt that they could toss and turn in bed and the mask still functioned properly*One user felt that the gel pillows on one side were too rough.
*The mask did not leak, it had a very effective seal*Another user woke up in a sweat every morning.
*Users were happy that they could wear reading glasses and the mask at the same time.
*The gel pillows were comfortable and that they don't irritate nostrils.
*The mask was simple to disassemble and reassemble and clean
*The headgear is easy to adjust, comfortable and lightweight.
*It can be worn successfully by "side sleepers"
*It is very quiet
scales-1-edited The Bottom Line
*For the Respironics Nuance Pro, buyers are overwhelmingly happy with its performance.
* 5 times as many people left positive reviews than negative reviews for this mask.
*The number of people who believe that this mask is very comfortable is astounding

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