EasySleep Pro Chin Support Strap Review


Hello and welcome to this video. My name is James and I own the website Beauty of Sleep.com

In this video, I am going to review an anti snoring device called the EasySleep Pro Stop Snoring Chin Strap.


In this review I want to give you as much useful information as I can so that you can decide if the EasySleep Pro strap is the right choice for you.

So that I don’t waste your time, let me quickly tell you what is in this video review.

*A photo and a quick description of the strap including the price.
*Why you snore and how this chin strap stops you from snoring.
*What features the chin strap has.
*Does the strap really work? Using feedback, ratings & questions.

If this review doesn’t answer your questions, then stop reading it now!

Description & Photo

EasySleep Pro Chin Support Strap is one of many anti snoring chin straps in a busy market place.

Like all other chin straps, it is made from a soft, non-itchy, stretchable, and breathable fabric, and is fully adjustable to provide a custom fit.

The material is similar to the material that wet suits are made from.

Like all other anti snoring chin straps, EasySleep Pro works by supporting your jaw and keeping your mouth closed.

It works by moving your lower jaw forward in order increase the airway at the back of your throat.


And in terms of its price, one device will cost $15.97 (+ shipping and handling)

How Anti Snoring Chin Straps Work (1)

Let’s have a look at the science and practical detail of snoring and chin or jaw straps

The first graphic illustrates why some people snore.

This is because whilst sleeping they breathe through their mouths. The tongue fall backwards.

As a result, their airway becomes partially blocked and as they breathe the air vibrates as it passes through a restricted space causing snoring.

How Anti Snoring Chin Straps Work (2)

And the second graphic demonstrates how the use of a chin strap stops snoring.

The strap holds the mouth closed. The tongue stays in place and the airway remains clear. The person breathes much more quietly.

The Device Features

Now, let’s have a look at some of the features and benefits of this chin strap as described by the company that makes it.

Is There Proof That It Works?!

In this section I will look at the proof or evidence that a buyer has that EasySleep’s strap works.

It is natural that the manufacturers of this chin strap want you to buy it and so are certain that it will stop you snoring.

But is there any proof?

To do this, I will be looking at any trials that have taken place with the strap.

I will also tell you if any medical professionals recommend the device.

And I will be looking at user reviews that have been left on the product’s website, the product’s Facebook page and the product’s Amazon page and discussing how trustworthy any of this is!

Clinical Trials

Many health products claim to have clinical trials to demonstrate how great their product is.

This chin strap like most other straps hasn’t had any clinical trials.

Medical Professionals

Many health products are also recommended by medical professionals but this strap, like most others has no recommendations.

Product Website

Like most other chin straps, this one does have its own dedicated website. Not that is a bad thing because reviews on a product website tend to be overwhelmingly positive and therefore not very helpful.

Facebook Page

EasySleep Pro Chin Support Strap does not have it’s own page on Facebook.

This is a shame because Facebook can be a great place to people’s comments or views on a product.

These views tend to be much more independent or unbiased than ratings left on a product’s website.

Ratings on Amazon

This chin strap is for sale on Amazon.

It has been reviewed four hundred and eighteen times (this review was created in October 2016.)

It has an average rating of 2.6 out of 5 stars, which is a fairly typical rating for an anti snoring chin strap.

Two hundred and forty reviewers gave it 5 stars. Fifty eight people rated it one star.

So now let us have a look at these reviews in more detail.

From all the reviews, I am going to pick out the most positive, most helpful and most negative comments.

Most Positive Feedback

“I have used it for 5 nights now and am amazed at the differences. I am sleeping soundly through the night, have no dry mouth, have been informed happily that I am no longer breathing loudly and have not experienced any more drowsiness throughout the day.”

Submitted by sanjamie

Most Helpful Feedback

“The EasySleep Pro Adjustable Snoring Chin Strap seems to work very well. I’m not tired during the day like I was before I started using it.

I’m sleeping much better because this helps me by helping to keep my mouth closed during sleep therefore stopping the snoring. It feels durable and made to last.

The material used for its construction make it comfortable and lightweight.
It is very easy to use and fits well. Has adjustable chin straps in one universal size.”

Submitted by Starmar.

Most Negative Feedback

“This product made my snoring worse than it was without it! I have the SnoreLab app on my ipad so could record the “activity” for the nights that I used it to compare to prior nights. It was far more consistent and louder with this on. Very disappointed as I really need to find a solution to the snoring problem, other than sleeping in another bedroom so I am not waking hubby all night”
Submitted by escomom

Pros & Cons From Feedback

This is the point where I normally like to look at the comments that people have made and the reviews that people have been written and create a list of real life pros and cons about the product.

With four hundred and eight reviews written, there is plenty of feedback to sort through.


*Sleeping better.

*Not tired during the day.

*Keeps my mouth closed.

*Durable, comfortable and lightweight.

*Flexible enough that you can still drink and talk with it on.

*Easily adjustable.


*Instructions poor- confusion about how to fit it

*Made snori

$15.97  is just above the average price for other anti snoring chin straps on the market.

It’s Amazon rating is average for a chin strap.

And so if you like it, go for it!  

ng worse

*Material is thin and stretches too easily

*Sweaty jaw.

*Sore jaw and the colour stained the pillow.

Would I Buy One?


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